First, Best, or Only

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I don’t recall where I first learned this (apologies if I miss the right attribution on this), but this simple maxim is one of the sacred cows of technology marketing.  Ask yourself if your product can be named as either “first”, “best”, or “only” in its respective product category.  If it can’t, ask yourself what it will take to get it there.

The point being, if your product isn’t the first, best or only in your category, you’re going to have a hard time articulating the unique and distinctive value of your product over competitors.  AND, it’s likely that you’re playing catch up on product innovation, always looking to your competitors’ products for your next innovation.  This isn’t a winning strategy.  Instead, read the market, your customers, and your prospects to understand what the next unsolved problem is and solve it.  Do that and you’re guaranteed to be first, best, or only.